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BootCamps were initially designed as a response to all of the out-dated material currently in chiropractic coaching / consulting.  Fact remains that most of the programs currently available have not been shown to improve the one thing most chiropractors need: a better bottom line.  We understand that it’s not all about the coin, but it’s still about the coin.  No wonder our profession lives in a poverty mentality.  It’s because the average chiropractor lives paycheck to paycheck or trying to dig themselves out of insurmountable debt.



Chicago, IL – Nov 7-8, 2014
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Philadelphia, PA – Dec 5-6, 2014*
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Orange County, CA – Feb 6-7, 2015
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Chicago, IL – Feb 20-21, 2015*
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Austin, TX – Apr 17-18, 2015
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Orange County, CA – May 1-2, 2015
75% Full
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Hartford, CT – June 5-6, 2015
General registration OPEN
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Why BootCamps Work:

 Everest BootCampsBootCamps work because we focus on the SINGLE MOST neglected aspect of your practice.  Your Day 1 and Day 2.  You probably spend a ton of time, energy and money on new patient acquisition.  But in the end turns out you wasted those opportunities for yourself and your patient.  BootCamps are TRAININGs, they are NOT seminars.

What Do You Get from a BootCamp?

There is no fluff, metaphysical crap or rah-rah stuff.  It is 100% how to.  We not only show you how to do it but we ROLE PLAY it, DRILL IT and fine tune it so you can go into the office ready to kick ass. We don’t ask you to become someone you are not. We teach you how to communicate in a way that people will “get it” and will want to buy.  Consider it the scientific way to effectively communicate chiropractic.  Our revolutionary day 2 will have patients TELLING YOU where their subluxations are.  They will be TELLING YOU they need the care.

Doc Cd 27 BW 300x199 Everest BootCampsMost importantly they will see the VALUE in what you have to offer and will pay you.  Unlike other coaching models we DO NOT teach you to lower your prices.  We teach you to get paid what you are worth and the patient will have no problem paying and staying because of the VALUE create – seriously cool.  If you are OR considering a CASH PRACTICE, then your procedures MUST reflect that – that’s what we teach.

Why We’re Different…

We have no contracts, we don’t nickel and dime you to death, we don’t string you along always hitting you up for more.  We are NOT a hit and run company.  We show you how to do it, you leave knowing how to do it and actually doing it confidently due

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to the role-playing and drilling.  Then your are DONE WITH US!  If you have needs in the future – fine.  But most don’t.  They just call us to let us know how they’re dominating and how they are now TRULY making a difference in their community.  The return on investment is off the charts.  But don’t take our word for it.


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How much does it cost?

Well before we tell you how much it costs, perhaps we should tell you how much it DOESN’T COST.  A training like this would typically cost 500-700/month over the course of 5 years.  At the end you would have spent over $30,000.00.  That’s not including all the up sells (technology, audio, video and supplemental services).  Everything promising that you’ll “have the practice of your dreams” but in the end you’re still dreaming. Add the cost of travel, closing your offices and time away from your family … well you get my point.  The bottom line is about the bottom line.  If you wanted to pay $50,000.00 just to “feel good” about your chosen profession – we’re not a good fit.  If you want a no bullshit how to on how to close 90% of your new patients into a lifetime of wellness – WELCOME and it’s nice to finally meet you.

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