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D1/D2 IMMERSION Bootcamp

An Everest Bootcamp teaches you the foundation that creates the fundamental base for you to uncover your patients unmet needs, wants and desires. We show you HOW to communicate the need for care in your office is the answer to their prayers.  Specifically- why you are THE doctor to help them reach their health goals.  The Everest PROCESS allows you to convey the VALUE of your services in an understandable way so they stay, pay and refer for your care.

Second Chance Bootcamps Re-Exams & Resign Workshop

Keeping your patients engaged and excited for their care is critical for compliance of your recommendations as well as the need for care AFTER symptoms are gone.  At our Second Chance Workshops we teach the importance of the re-exam and what to do and say to keep your patients wanting more.

**BootCamp Grads ONLY**

Mastermind Groups

Small group meetings with like minded doctors who have been through the Bootcamp. Practice what you learn to become the BEST at what you do. 

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Motion Study X-ray

There is no better way to actually SHOW your patient the CAUSE of their health concern.

A cornerstone of Everest D1/2 Bootcamp is the motion study x-ray to demonstrate the subluxation.



There is no better way to learn than by DOING.

All of our bootcamps and workshop trainings are hands on, do-level trainings.  

Knowing what to say, how to say it and when brings confidence to the doctor.  The more confidence you have in yourself, the more your patients will have in you.

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Patricia Cox

Everest Bootcamp Testimonial


"Everest has allowed me help people reach their health goals. They START CARE & do the things they love to do! I get to enjoy a smooth practice, great team & an awesome system no matter what type of practice you want. I love my Everest family."

Dr Kelly S.

Dr. Raj S

Everest Bootcamp Testimonial


Dr Don R

Everest Bootcamp Testimonial


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